What is Easypal Digital SSTV? Watch Live>>

Digital Easypal is not slow scan, the SSTV part has stuck because it sends images. In basic terms it's file transfer also known as DRM "digital Radio Mondiale" The advantage over analogue SSTV is the error correction. With error correction you can get a perfect image IE what is sent is what you receive. A good program is EasyPal and this will use the same basic interface that many of you may already be using for analogue SSTV. There is a NEW digital program called KG-STV, for latest details on KGSTV see HERE. Download EasyPal and KG-STV HERE

20m EasyPal

Easypal live from 20m

40/80m EasyPal

Easypal live from 80m

What is MMSSTV Analogue SSTV? Watch Live >>

Slow Scan Television SSTV is a transmission method for sending images via the airwaves. These image types could be GIF, JPG, BMP or similar depending on the computer software used for the SSTV transmissions. It works similar to Facsimile transmissions. Each colour has it's own frequency in SSTV mode and the software simply codes the colour into an audible frequency tone that can be interfaced into the microphone system of the radio. The receiving end software simply decodes the frequency tone back into the colour. Download MMSSTV software HERE

20m Analogue

SSTV MMSSTV live 20m

80m Analogue

MMSSTV SSTV live 80m

Join in with the SSTV Live Chat

Why not join in with the many SSTV'ers around the worls on the "Live Chat Server" You can just watch to see whats going on, Ask a question about SSTV problems you may have with Analogue SSTV software or EasyPal software. You can arange a sked or just have a chat with other's with a interest in Ham Radio digital modes. Check it out now HERE if you have a SSTV Website you can even add this chat to one of your pages and get your visitors to join in.

Live SSTV Chat

How to receive Analogue SSTV or Digital SSTV

Anyone can receive SSTV, you don't need a ham licence. All you need is a receiver, Analogue software for your PC Digital Master 780 (DM780) & MMSSTV are excelent, For Digital EasyPal software HERE And you connect the audio out from the receiver to the sound card on your PC, Interface infomation HERE.You will then be able to pick up SSTV from all over the world. To see the latest SSTV pictures I have received with MMSSTV just click HERE or to see my digital RX images from EasyPal click HERE. Click here for History of SSTV

View my Shack Cam

Find all the latest news and download links SSTV or Digital SSTV programs

Keep up to date with what's new in the world of analogue SSTV and digital EasyPal. As new updates and beta versions of ham SSTV and EasyPal programs are released you will find links and information about them HERE. Associated programs like graphic editing and FTP of your received digital and analogue SSTV images will also be found HERE. I try my best to keep this page up to date with all the latest links and news but if you find any errors or you know of anything you think should be added just let me know. You can also sign up to get a email when I make any updates to the page.

Latest SSTV and EasyPal news

Getting Started With EasyPal "First Time User HELP"

EasyPal can be a bit complicated to first time users with so many settings to do, I have made a page that should help the first time user to EasyPal. This is just a basic get you going with all needed first time settings to get you on the air and receiving and transmitting regular EasyPal and the new Hybrid EasyPal. To view the page you can click HERE or click the DRM image on the right. The best help of all will be asking the guys using EasyPal on the radio and the best place to find them is on 20m 14.233. If you listen for a while you will soon get to understand what's going on. Also its good to join the EasyPal Yahoo group HERE


FreeDV for digital voice over HF

FreeDV is a program for sending and receiving digital voice over the radio for VHF and even HF. The place to find most activity is on the 20m band 14.236. The program and the codec used are all free open source and are cross platform so it can run under both Windows and Linux with the source code available to everyone. For RX only you will only need one sound card but for RX/TX you will need a second sound card, one of the cheap USB sounds dongles will do fine. First tests with FreeDV were very encouraging finding 3 others on 14.236 within 10 minutes of installing the software. Click HERE or the image on the right for more info and videos.

FreeDV Digital voice over HF

SDR Radio to Decode Multiple Frequencies

The latest SDR Consol version 2 now allows you to monitor multiple frequencies at the same time and send them via VAC "virtual audio cable" to multiple programs to be decoded. I have been testing the SDR Consol on 20mtr to decode MMSSTV on 14.230 and EasyPal on 14.233 but you could monitor up to 6 frequencies at the same time. IE: MMSSTV on 14.227, 14.230, EasyPal on 14.233, Free-DV on 14.236 and all of this on the same SDR Radio. I am using the SDR-IQ by RF Space but the SDR Consol will interface with many SDR radios including the cheap entry level Soft Rock. For more details and download links click HERE

FreeDV Digital voice over HF

My Ham Radio Antennas

Here you will find information on the antennas I use here including a CapCo AMA-4 top band loop that is work in progress. I am looking into changing ether the gearbox or the motor that drives the capacitor for tuning as I find it very hard to fine tune. My tower is a TennaMast that holds my HF beam KT34a and a Comet 422v rotary dipole. I will soon be replacing my KT34a with 3 element SteppIR beam to give me the extra WARC bands that the old KT34a don't cover. As I do any antenna work I will take photos and videos and add them to this page. You can own the best radio in the world but is you don't have decent antennas you are wasting your money. Click HERE to see my antenna page

My ham radio antennas

New My Mobile Ham Radio in my van and work truck New

I spend most of my time in my work truck driving all over the UK delivering beds in the main to hotels and some shops so most of my ham radio working in mobile. In my van I have a Kenwood D710 for my 60 mile round trip to work and in my work truck I use a Icom 7100 and for now its only used on 2m and 70cms on both analogue and D Star. I also use a DVAP "Digital Voice Access Point" connected to a Raspberry Pi when out of range of any D Star gateways. Here is a page showing some photos from inside my Chevy Astro van and my Mercedes work truck. To visit my Ham Radio Mobile page, just click the image on the right or HERE

Ham radio on the move. Mobile Shack

D-Star MB6CL & Echolink MB7ICL VOIP

I run both a Echolink node and a D-Star gateway from my home location covering Clacton on Sea, Essex. The Echolink node is MB7ICL on 2m 145.2875 running on its own PC and uses a Yaesu 7800 radio, More details on the Echolink node can be found HERE. The D-Star simplex gateway MB6CL is on 70cms 430.1875 this uses a DVRPT V3 a Raspberry Pi and this also uses a Yaesu 7800, More details on the D-Star gateway HERE. Both these systems run 24/7. Also here in Clacton on Sea there is a 11m gateway connected to the FRN network, this is also running 24/7 and had good coverage over this part of Essex, This is nothing to do with me but I do have info HERE


AirNav Radar box LIVE

The AirNav Radar box has a antenna connected and from here in Clacton on Sea Essex I can pick up the aircraft up to around 200 miles. For a small subscription you can also collect data from the internet and display aircraft from all round the world and zoom into airports ETC. The screen at the user end displays all sorts of data and by clicking on each aircraft you can display information including a photo of the aircraft being tracked, where it is flying from and to, the height and speed, flight ID, Airline and company details. The latest software from Airnav includes 3D google images at a extra cost. Click on the image on the right for full size.


Thinking of Getting Solar PV ? Worried about QRM ?

One thing we all want to do these days is save money and solar power seems a good way to do that right now, but as a radio ham you will also need to think about interference. There are so many horror stories about radio hams being unable to use their radio's due to a neighbor installing a solar system. The secret is chosing the right solar inverter and making sure the fitters do a proper job and also get filetrs fitted where needed. I have has a 4kw system fitted and to date not found any QRM on UHF, VHF or HF. Click HERE for my page showing my solar system make and models with photos inside and outside. I hope it is of some help to you.

Solar PV ham radio QRM

Live Weather Station

I am now using a Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station and have now made up a set of pages to display the data. The weather station is located in Clacton on Sea, essex, UK. The Davis Vue weather station monitors wind speed and direction, rain fall, outside and inside temperatures and outside and inside humidity. You can display The Clacton on Sea Weather for now, today, last month and last year as well as a page that displays a full set of live weather gauges. There is also a page that shows the latest animated satellite weather images from around the world. I will soon add a live weather cam showing the real time local weather.

Weather Station

TruckCam LIVE Streaming Video

The truckcam is fitted into my truck and video is streamed live while I am working. This is monday to friday from 4am until I finish each day. I also run APRS from the truck so you can also follow me on the live map. The live images from truckcam rely on a 3G mobile internet connection so in some parts of the UK I will lose connection. Same goes for the APRS tracking as when I am not in range of a APRS I-Gate the tracking will stop until my signals are picked up again. Truckcam has its own URL http://www.truckcam.tv and by clicking on the image on the right will take you to the TruckCam site.

View the Truckcam

11mtr CB Gateway on FRN "Free Radio Network"

Clacton 11 mtr CB gateway on 27.88125 FM that is connected to the FRN network. You can use this CB gateway in two ways, from your radio if you are local to me or via your PC using the FRN software. I have a page with links to download the FRN software and full FRN setup details. When you connect to the server you will find gateways on both 27mhz and 446mhz as well as PC only stations. If you want to run your own gateway you will also find full setup & interface details on my FRN page. By clicking the image on the right it will take you direct to the 11mtr gateway page. Give it a try and see what you think. Click HERE to visit the 11mtr gateway page

CB Gateway in clacton on sea

Home Security Camera control with PTZ

I have been experimenting with home security cameras and have added 2 IP camera's with full control "pan tilt and zoom "PTZ" and have made up a page that shows the setup. On this page you can also view the live camera image and have full control over the movement and zoom too. the security camera's in use is a Apexis APM-J901-Z-WS and when you buy one of these security cameras you also get a free DDNS to allow up to 9 users to view it at a time. It can be accessed via the internet or via your smart phone with full movement control and 2 way audio if you want. Click HERE or the image on the right to see it in action

PTZ Security Camera

Radio Control Models

I am just getting into radio control models + FPV "first person view" and I have joined my local RC model club "Clacton radio control model club" So far I have got myself 2 plane's and Raptor 30 and Raptor 60 helicopter's a 450 size Electric and a Blade MSR mini Helicopter. At the moment I am learning to fly using Phoenix RC simulator connected to my Spektrum DX7 transmitter. I now fly my helicopter's on Sundays and stream live video from the club, click HERE on sunday mornings to watch. I also have a miniature spy camera / recorder so when I get time I will get some videos from the sky for download. Click HERE to go to my RC Model page

Nitro helicopter

FPV - First Person View / First Pilot View

As part of my model plane and helicopter hobbie I am also getting into FPV. FPV is short for First Person View or First Pilot View and allows model flyers to fit a video camera to their craft and see the pilots view via video goggles. I will be using 5.8Ghz video transmitters so not to interfere with my 2.4Ghz radio control gear. Over the winter months I will get my Raptor 60 helicopter fitted up and hope to stream the video live via the internet over the summer months. It would be good to hear from anyone else into FPV as this is all new to me and want to know about adding on screen flight information too. Click the image on the right to see my FPV page.

FPV Goggles

Clacton on Sea Weather

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