Ratted Chevy C10

My 1979 (3rd Generation) Chevy C10 SWB Stepside Pick-up
Olds 307 V8. TH350 Autobox.
2. 5" Front Drop Spindles.
Beer Keg Fuel Tank.
Seat and Dash upholstered in red.
Windscreen Visor, Twin stax and Custom built Tub.

Got the truck with no MOT but it passed with just headlight adjustment needed.

Front view 1979 C10 rat rod

Rear view Chevy C10 Rat Rod Stacks and custom bed

Got a small rip in the seat that I hope to get fixed also dash board needs a upgrade.

Inside cab of chevy C10 1979 ratrod

Better than a cloth head liner, just a wipe over with a damp cloth will clean this.

Inside roof with loads of old states number plates Rat Rod Style

The engine seems to run fine but it has loads of crank pressure and possible head gasket blown!

Engine bay on 1979 C10 Chevy rat rod. Oldsmobile 307 5ltr fitted

A member of our local American car club has a spare Olds 350 that he is fully re building for me. Here is a few photos.

Valves re seated and new seals fitted

olds 350 head strip down

Valves ready to go back in

olds 350 valves re ground

Engine all cleaned

olds 350 engine strip down and re build

All painted

Olds 350 engine clean and re paint

Oldsmobile 350 engine rebuild and paint

My Radiator has some damage but not leaking but decided to get a aluminum one with fans. May need a set of brackets making as this one is for 67-72 model Gen 3 is 73-87.

Aluminium Radiator & Shroud Fan for Chevrolet C10 C20 GMC Jimmy

I fitted some new wheels today, I did not like the ride with the low profile tyres.

Fitted new wheels to the Chevy C10

I also cut down and moved the rear number plate to the side.

Wheels fitted and number plate moved on the Chevy C10

I need a spare steering column to cut up to add EPS. Anyone got one?

EPS Electric power steering chevy C10 truck

Got a big list of jobs to get done. Not sure if I want to keep it ratty looking of go for a change, only time will tell.

Jobs to be done:

Fit electric power steering using Corsa EPS unit

Fix the gear box problem "not going into 3rd" "DONE"

Fit new crystal headlight units with HID bulbs.

Get some sort of interior lights

Limo black the rear window "DONE"

Fit a decent music system

Nothing on the dash works! So need to work out how to fit speedo cable to the newer gearbox, fit some sort of fuel sender to the beer barrel, add oil pressure and rev counter.

Sort out some engine problems "presure in crank case"

I have found a Oldsmobile 350 5.7 ltr engine to replace the 307 lump. Its a good known unit that's had a strip down and valves re seated ETC. It will be re built in the next few weeks for me then I need to find someone to help do the engine swap.

Would like some normal profile wheels "not into low profile" "SORTED"

My 1979 C10 Ratted Truck

Do you know any history of this truck? BOL116T

Back in 2015 is was black and in Scotland

My C10 when it was black

Chevy 1979 custom

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