My 1951 Chevy Fleetline Fastback Custom

The car was customized by Oldtime Kustoms in USA.

Engine is a SBC 350, 300 Horse Power with a TH350 box, Rear is a 3.00:1 open diff, Edelbrock manifold and carb with electric choke.

All external handles have been removed with key fob release, headlights frenched in, rear lights are also frenched in using Cadillac parts.

Interior is painted to match exterior, full set of new gauges with tilt steering. The seats are from a 1967 Mustang with door cards made to match.

1951 Custom chevy Fleetline front view

51 Chevy side view

51 custom chevy fastback

Chevy fastback rear end

Since getting the car I have fixed a few wiring problems as the rev counter and voltage gauge did not work. I'm not happy with the remote door openers so have a new 7 channel remote system with 2 heavy duty solenoids to fire the door locks open. Its a full kit from Spat in the USA called Shaved 40 door kit

Spat shaved 40 door opener kit

See how much bigger the new solenoid is compared with the old plastic unit.

shaved 40 door kit fittingdoor solenoid fitted to 1951 chevy fleetline 1951

I also have the bits on order to convert my vacuum wiper system over to 12v. I was not happy about the £250 ish cost of the off shelf kit so got a boat wiper motor and will make my own linkage and brackets for less than half the off shelf cost.

Fitted a 12v wiper motor today. Used original linkage and a wiper motor from a boat. Just need to get some C clips to hold the linkage in place and remove the temp safety clips. Total cost was less than £50. I have a spare boat wiper motor if anyone wants one £40 posted to mainland UK.

12v wipermotor fitted to 1951 chevy fleetline

Got all the bits on order to add heating

heater for chevy car 1951

After finding damp carpet in the front I found the screen had been badly fitted! it seems they did not bother fitting the centre beading in the rubbers so water water running in.

here is what I found under the chrome trim

51 chevy screen leaking leaking screen seal on 51 fleetline

Having the screen removed and re fitted properly, I have also made some rubber gaskets for the wiper fittings as they were missing too!

And this is the damage it has caused to the floor under the mats!

rust under front carpet 1951 fleetline 1951 chevy fleetline rusty floor

I will be getting seats and carpet removed and surface rust treated & re painted.

Air Ride

I have picked up a used air ride kit from a Chevy C10. My car already had air bags fitted to rear suspension but it worked via a air valve. I will add this kit to work the rear bags and see about adding air to the Camaro front clip too. Here is some of what I have got. It looks like it came from Rayvern with most the parts made by Firestone

My Rayvern Firestone air ride kitRaybern air ride gauges

air ride firestone compressorair ride cutoff switch

firestone air ride tankair ride firestone tank close up

The manifold is made by Metal Work Pneumatic

air ride bit of a birds nestair ride manifold

Airbags that hopefully will fit in the front from Firestone

Air ride Firestone bags for frontFirestone Air bag spec

Been testing and all seems to work. I will leave the system pressurized and test for leaks overnight. No leaks from tank, manifold or gauges. Have placed order for new pipes and fittings.

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