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The latest SDR Consol by Simon Brown is version 2

I have been testing the latest version 2 of the SDR radio consol as this now can monitor multiple frequencies at the same time and send them to multiple sound cards or in my case to multiple VAC's "virtual audio cables"

As you can see from my screen grab I am running the SDR radio consol with VFO A on 14.230 and VFO B on 14.233 But with the version 2 SDR consol you can run 6 VFO's at the same time all decoding at the same time !

Click on the image for full screen view of the SDR consol sending audio to MMSSTV and EasyPal.

You can use what ever decoding programs you want IE: DM780, MSSTV, EasyPal, FreeDV, KG-STV etc.

SDR Radio for MMSSTV and EasyPal

What you need is the SDR-Consol version 2 and a VAC "virtual audio cable" program. You can download the latest SDR program HERE and the VAC program that I use from HERE The VAC has a trial version but you would need to pay for it to use it full time as it puts a voice over at random times but you can see how it all works before you buy.

At this time many SDR radios are supported by the SDR Consol. Check HERE for latest list

RFspace SDR-IP
RFspace NetSDR
RFspace SDR-IQ/SDR-14
Ettus Research N210
Supported, firmware ni292x_fw.bin or higher, FPGA ni292x_fpga.bin or higher
Ettus Research (Other)
Not tested
Development, waiting for verification
FUNcube Plus
SoftRocks (Soundcard + Si570)
Supported. Tested with: SoftRock Ensemble II, Hunter SDR, FIFI-SDR and CCW SDR-4.
To be decided, Q4/2013 or later
TAPR Hermes
Q2 2013 (RX only), Q2/Q3 2013 Transceive
Apache-Labs Angelia
To be decided
RTL Dongles
MicroTelecom (Perseus)
Afredi SDR
Supported (USB and LAN), requires firmware v222 (December 18th, 2012) or higher.
SDR 1.5 'Andrus'
Supported via LAN interface

Here is my settings that I am using on my VAC version 409 "virtual audio cables"

VAC virtual audio cable settings for data modes

I would like to hear from anyone trying to do the same, what VAC you are using and settings and your results ?

I am using the SDR-IQ radio

RF Spacew SDR-IQ radio

The SDR-IQ™ is a 14-bit software defined radio receiver. It offers a broad range of spectrum analyzer and demodulation capabilities. The hardware samples the whole 0.0001-30 MHz band using a high performance, 14 bit analog to digital converter (ADC) running at 66.6 MHz. The digital data from the ADC is processed into I and Q format using a direct digital converter (DDC). The I and Q data is then sent to the PC for processing using a USB 2.0 interface. All of the demodulation and spectral functions are done on the PC side.

The SDR-IQ™ comes with a High Frequency (HF) amplified front-end with switched attenuators, switched filters and 1Hz tuning. The SDR-IQ™  comes with the latest version of Moetronix SpectraVue™ and SDR-Radio software.  It supports AM, WFM, USB, LSB, N-FM, DSB and CW with fully adjustable DSP Filter bandwidths and FFT sizes of 2048 to 262144 points. The resolution bandwidth is as low as 0.031 Hz.

Full details on the SDR-IQ and the rest of the RF Space range HERE

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