How to Add a Thumbprint Radio via Mobile App & Desktop


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Rafeal Hart


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If you have a Pandora account, a music streaming service, you’re probably familiar with the thumbs-up icon, which you click when you like a song. I can imagine that you’ve thumbs-upped a lot of songs ever since you started your Pandora subscription.

Should that be the case, did you know that you can curate all the songs you liked and then some? You can do so by learning how to add a Thumbprint Radio. To do so, search for it on the dashboard, which applies to the desktop site and mobile application. Happy listening!

Ways to Add a Thumbprint Radio

You can access Pandora on a desktop or its official mobile app. It need not be said: you need an account and access to the internet. It is, after all, a subscription-based streaming service.

In case you’re a new Pandora subscriber, you’ll first need to give a few stations thumbs-ups. To be specific, you must have at least three stations already, with four thumbs-upped songs on each one.

Adding stations will help the algorithm determine your favorite genres and artists. Once Pandora has learned your preferences, it’ll automatically create the Thumbprint button.

1. Adding a Thumbprint Radio via Desktop


If you’re glued to your computer while working and want music to accompany you, play the Thumbprint Radio, so you can just focus on your work instead of scrolling which song you want to listen to.

Here’s how you can add one on Pandora.

  1. On the player dashboard, type “Thumbprint Radio” into the search bar. It should be the top result.
  2. Hover the mouse over the “Thumbprint Radio” result to reveal the play icon.
  3. Click the play button. If it plays, the radio is automatically added to your “My Collections” list.

2. Adding a Thumbprint Radio via Mobile App


Those always on the go and want to listen to music everywhere they go should get a Thumbprint Radio as an alternative to a playlist. With the Pandora app, that’s always possible – and enjoyable.

Here are the steps to enjoy the said feature:

  1. On the home screen, click the search icon on the menu bar at the bottom to look for “Thumbprint Radio”. It should be the top result.
  2. Tap the play button. If it plays, the radio is automatically added to your “My Collections” list.

Why is Thumbprint Radio Not Appearing?


In the instance the Thumbprint Radio no longer exists on your “My Collections” list even as you have saved it before, then you probably missed the criteria (at least 4 thumbs-upped songs on 3 stations). It can either be at least one station, or a song is missing (say you removed it or removed the thumbs-up icon from it.)


To reiterate, before you can add a Thumbprint Radio on Pandora, there is a criteria you must meet. If you have been a subscriber for a very long time, you are probably familiar with the ways of Pandora and how to enjoy its many features.

Learning how to add a Thumbprint Radio is one feature you should take advantage of because it lets you have a curated music experience. Imagine listening to songs you love and others from the same genre you might like. Happy listening, indeed.

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