AirNav RadarBox Live

My live AirNav screen taken live from my AirNav box here in Clacton on Sea

Details of my AirNav setup HERE Image will auto refresh

Do you have a Air Navigation Web site?

Now running Airnav Radar Box version 5.xx software

Do you want to try being a Air Traffic Controller ?

Flight Colour Legend Flight Information Flight Details “see above” Flight Information
Red Aircraft = Climbing Flight ID Number >>> EZY7281 <<< Flight ID Number
Blue Aircraft = Leveled Flight Registration Number >>> G-EZSM A319 <<< Aircraft Type
Green Aircraft = Descending Flight Level +00 >>> 35000ft FL350 475KT <<< Flight Speed Knots
Gray Aircraft = just out of range From Airport Code >>> EGGP – LSGG <<< To Airport Code


The above image is taken live from my AirNav RadarBox and is auto uploaded every minute. I have now installed a Radarmax X2 antenna outside on the roof, this took my plane count from just over 20 to over 100 at time of switch over. The software I am running is the AirNav 2010 Version 3.13.

The Clacton air show for 2015 Thursday 27th & Friday 28th August, West Greensward, Clacton Seafront, CO15 1NW
Event opening times: 11.OOam – 5.OOpm. Its a FREE event with loads of attractions including stalls from the Red Arrows, RAF and the Army. The Clacton Air field frequency’s are 118.150, 127.250 and 130.775. If you come to the show there is also some common Air Show frequencies worth having in your scanner 121.175, 130.500, 130.625, 130.675, 132.900 and 134.550. The postcode for your GPS is CO15 1LD. Clacton airshow offical website

While in Clacton why not visit Costal Communications They sell Scanners, Ham Radio and CB gear, AirNav and a full range of accessories. They also have a full repair workshop.

Also check out the “AirNet” web site, it has over 25,000 related links

Below is live data taken from many AirNav radar boxes from round the world.

You can move it to any part of the world and zoom in and out.