The Android Ham radio apps

The Android Ham radio apps (Android Applications)


DroidSSTV lets you transmit and receive amateur radio (ham radio) slow scan TV (SSTV) on your Android Smartphone or Android tablet. This communications app is a great tool for portable amateur radio SSTV operation. Just connect your Android phone or tablet to an HF radio (or even set it next to the radio’s speaker), tune on to an SSTV frequency, and watch the pictures scroll onto the screen. DroidSSTV supports the modes Scottie 1, Scottie 2, Scottie DX, Martin 1, and Martin 2 at this time.

DroidPSK – PSK for Ham Radio

DroidPSK is an application to decode and encode Ham Radio BPSK31 and BPSK63. A great tool for portable Amateur Radio PSK operation.
DroidPSK is able to decode a BPSK31 or BPSK63 signal though the build in microphone. Just hold your Android phone or tablet close to the speaker of you Amateur Radio transceiver, adjust the waterfall slider to the PSK carrier frequencies and DroidPSK will start decoding.
In transmitting mode characters can be entered trough the keyboard. 20 Macros are also available to store standard texts like “name and qth” and “station info”
Starting V2.0 DroidPSK now also includes a logbook. Callsign, Name RST etc can be easily transferred into the lookbook from the receiving screen. The logbook also includes ADIF export and import to transfer your logbook data to a PC based logging software.

HAM Finder

A tool designed by a Ham (KD7UIY), used to figure out your QTH, in Amateur Radio speak. Specifically geared towards the Mobile radio operator. This comes out of the need to figure out which county a person is in during many state QSO parties. Includes a simple log, and can now be able to even work without the internet at all! Free version includes ads, but requires an internet connection.

HAM Radio Ionosphere Status

HAM Radio Ionosphere status with just a click
Check the Ionosphere status with just a click. With HAM RADIO IONOSPHERE
STATUS, get all the information about the sun and solar cycle, all meters in one
application for educational purposed. Very helpful for hf radio users and
weather space viewers.

Ham Radio

Our Ham Radio application is a Glossary of Amateur radio terms and acronyms.
This is a great application if you are dedicated to this great hobby,or if you are
looking to get into being a “Ham Radio” operator or listener.

Amateur Radio Call Log

Amateur Radio Call Log is a basic ham radio logging app for Android 1.5 and above.
It stores Date, Time, Station, Freq, Mode, RST, and additional comments. Also has
the ability to easily look-up callsign information
from the FCC database.
* Added context menus for Frequency and Mode fields. Long-press to bring up.

Morse Trainer

Learn or improve Morse code with Morse Trainer.
If you are a ham radio (amateur radio) operator or just want to learn morse code.
With a lot of settings it is very comfortable to adjust Morse Trainer to your current
level. The following settings are available:
– Frequency (200 – 2200Hz
– Waveform (sine / triangle)
– Fading (to reduce click at the end of a dot or dash)
– Speed (2Wpm – 52Wpm)
– Spacing (spacing between dots or dashes)
– Dot-Dash Ratio (length ratio of dashes compared to dots)
– Letter Spacing (Space between letters)
– Word Spacing (Space between words)
Five different learning modes are available in Morse Trainer
– Random groups of five mode: Morse Trainer will play groups of five randomly
selected letter, numbers or special characters. Those characters can be
individually selected. If you want to learn just “s”,”i” and “e” just select the
3 letters and Morse Trainer will create groups of 5 with those 3 letters.
– Real ham radio callsign mode: Morse Trainer will randomly play real
amateur radio callsign from a database of 5000 callsigns which appeared
in Contests over the last couple of years.
– QSO text mode: Morse Trainer will play randomly play QSO text.
The database consists of 300 different qso texts.
– Most common English words mode: Morse Trainer will
play randomly the 500 most used English words.
– Own text mode: Enter your own text and Morse
Trainer will play it over and over again.
– Ebook mode: Text files can be loaded from SD card
Morse Trainer is priced less than the cost of a fancy
coffee and it is a great app to learn and improve you
CW speed away from your amateur radio station or your PC.

Morse Trainer Light

Learn or improve Morse code with Morse Trainer.
If you are a ham radio (amateur radio) operator or just want to learn morse code.
With a lot of settings it is very comfortable to adjust Morse Trainer to your current level
free version of above but with limits

Morse Decoder

Morse Decoder decodes Morse code characters through the built-in microphone
of your Android device.Morse Decoder can be used by Ham Radio
(Amateur Radio) operators or anyone else interested in decoding Morse
code from a Radio or any other device. Morse Decoder includes a “waterfall”
to show a frequency spectrum of about 50Hz to 2300Hz. A narrow band DSP
filter can be set for the frequency of the Morse code tones by tapping the
waterfall. The DSP filter is followed by an automatic gain control (AGC)
to compensate for changing signal strengths. The detected signal will be
shown as a graph and several algorithms will then detect the speed of the
Morse code and convert them into readable text. Speeds of less than 4 Wpm
(Words per Minute) to more than 50 Wpm can be decoded. This is the
first version of Morse Decoder.It has been tested on several Android
devices and it performed very well or even better thanPC based decoding
software. However, since we are not able to test the performance on all
150+ Android devices there is the possibility that Morse Decoder
will not work on all devices. If Morse Decoder doesn’t work on your
device you can uninstall Morse Decoder within 15 Minutes for a full
refund (This is the time frame given by Google and I am not able to
change it).If the 15 minutes passed and you are not happy with
Morse Decoder email me as soon as possible . Please
include your name and the modelof your phone in the email. I will
then refund you themoney as fast as possible. It is important that you
include the model of your device. I will try to find the cause for the
malfunction or include your phone model in a list of “not working” devices.

Ham Radio HF Activity widget

Widget to show current activity in the HF bands, solar image, solar flux, sunspot number. is the online logbook free for all Amateur Radio Operators


Please note: This app is for licensed Amateur Radio operators only.
See for more information.EchoLink for Android
provides access to the EchoLink network from your Android device.
You can use this app to connect to the EchoLink system from almost
anywhere, using either a WiFi or cellular (3G) connection.

EchoLink Finder

Finds EchoLink nodes near a given location and shows them on a map. No ads.
This app will display the nearest EchoLink nodes on a map. You can use your
current location, or enter an address. A great app for Ham Radio over EchoLink.
Click on any node on the map to get connection details. The details include the
node’s frequency and tone, and whether the node is idle or not.

DX Cluster

Newer miss a DX spot again. Get live DX spots on your Android device. DX Cluster’s
focus is on alarms and real time spots. The app runs in the background as a service
and alarms you with a ringtone of your choice when a callsign or prefix appears in
the DX Cluster. The key features of DX Cluster are: – Real time spots: Connect to
one of the 60 AR-Clusters in the database and get real time spots. – Filtering: A
country filter can be set to filter out countries of the spotter or spot. If you
just want to receive spots originated from North America enter K,VE and choose
spotter. If you just want to see spots from Germany, Netherland and England, choose
DX and enter DL,PA,G. – Alarms: DX Cluster will alarm you by a ringtone of your
choice if a callsign or a prefix appears in the DX Cluster. For example enter ZL8
in the alarm field and as soon as a spot with the prefix ZL8 appears on the cluster
the DX Cluster will alarm you. Multiple callsign or prefix entries are possible.
This app is intended to use by ham radio (amateur radio) operators only. You need
a ham radio callsign to log into the DX cluster!


Easily find Amateur (Ham) Radio Repeaters across the UK.
• Complete database of UK Analog, IRLP, Echolink and D-Star repeaters.
• Use network, GPS or a Locator to find Repeaters across the UK.
• No network connection required.
• Displays your locator and selection distance.
• Comprehensive selection, sorting and display options.
• Displays distance, heading and full repeater details.
• Fast and flexible, designed to help Amateur (Ham) radio operators use the UK Repeater network.


APRSdroid is an APRS application for Amateur Radio (HAM) operators. It allows
reporting your position as well as sending and receiving messages. It also conveniently
displays nearby stations as a list or on a map. To make full use of APRSdroid, you
will need an APRS-IS passcode for your callsign. APRSdroid is Open Source
Software written in Scala and licensed under the GPLv2. The APRSdroid features are:
* See what is going on on APRS with the Hub View or on the map
* One-time or periodic position reporting to APRS
* APRS Messaging support
* Get detailed information about a station
* Follow the movement of a station on the map
* Support for GPS and network location
* Bi-directional APRS-IS support via TCP
* Unidirectional position reporting via UDP, HTTP or AFSK (phone spekaer)
* Bluetooth TNC support (beta quality)
* Status Bar notification when running and for incoming messages
The following features are planned for the next months:
* AFSK decoding via microphone
* Smart beaconing
* Position reporting profiles