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can you listen to shortwave radio online

Tuning in to your favorite radio stations has now been made easy by the emergence of online radios. This technology is consistent in giving its benefits and aiding that old radio sitting at your home.

But you might be asking, where exactly can you listen to shortwave radio online for free? Continue reading and you’ll know that the answer is just your computer and smartphone. (You only need to learn and know the online locations!)

Can You Listen to Shortwave Radio Online?


It is not surprising that the hassle side effects of using an old traditional radio were aided over the internet. Because today, you may now listen to shortwave internet radio stations anywhere and anytime.

Enlisted below are the two ways you can pick how you can listen to shortwave radio online free of charge. But as an overview, you only need to secure an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone. The amazing technology provided by these two mobile devices made the shortwave frequencies be caught online.

Utilizing these two, you may access hundreds of radio broadcasting stations and ham radios online live. If you plan to use your computer, you do not need to pay fees to listen because most of them are WebSDR and OpenWebRX which offer free streaming.

However, some of the websites under those two interfaces could only cater to a few listeners (maximum of 4 simultaneous listeners). So, patience in jumping from one station to another is needed. (Or you may just stream a government-funded SW radio online station)

Also in this article, you will know the different websites and mobile apps where you can find SW radios. However, remember that this could be tricky because you will meet shortwave radio online tuners that need practice to effectively use.

On the other hand, you may use your smartphone to listen to shortwave radio on the internet which is a more convenient way. Have an internet connection and download the necessary apps. These will serve as shortwave radio scanners that then let you stream.

Just keep your hopes up because once you master all of those, whether you are using a computer or smartphone, it will be so much easier for you to enjoy and gather information around the world.

So, to know about all the lists of free sites, just continue reading below.

Ways to Listen to Shortwave Radio Online

Note that these two ways require internet connectivity.

#1 Computer


Using a computer, utilize a web browser that could open most of the sites detailed in this list (read below to know them all). It is recommended to use the Mozilla Firefox web browser because some known browsers restrict the autoplay sound from online radio sites.

#2 Smartphone


The second way is your smartphone. Regardless of the operating system you use, whether android or IOS, many mobile applications serve as shortwave receivers online that offer free services you can utilize.

Lists of Shortwave Radio Listening Locations


If you are new to shortwave radio online streaming, the following are the known platforms that may be available in your country. Just click the link and you will be directed to their website.

  • ABC Radio (Australia)
  • BBC World Service (United Kingdom)
  • Deutsche Welle (Germany)
  • National Public Radio (USA)
  • NHK World (Japan)
  • Radio Canada International (Canada)
  • Radio France (France)
  • Radio Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • RTVE (Spain)
  • RTE Radio 1 (Ireland)
  • UN Multimedia (UN)
  • Voice of Russia (Russia)

You may also listen to ham radio online free of charge through Web Software Defined Radio Systems (WebSDR) and a multi-user SDR receiver (OpenWebRX). Just click the link to be directed.

WebSDR radio links:

  • Amateur radio club ETGD (Netherlands)
  • ARDAM WebSdr – (Andorra)
  • HF WebSdr (England)
  • K3FEF & W3TKP (USA)
  • WebSdr – Freebands (France)
  • SK4Ko (Sweden)

OpenWebRX radio links:

  • I1CRA/IZ1GLG (Japan)
  • K1RA/KW4VA (USA)
  • SK3W (Sweden)
  • IO82WK (United Kingdom)
  • R3TIO (Russia)
  • OH5AE SDR (Finland)

These links vary on computer and browser types. If you are still looking for the most suitable one, here is the full list of the available sites online detailed in Reddit.

Benefits of Listening to Shortwave Radio Online

1. Convenient and highly accessible

Unlike in the past, shortwave radios can now be accessed anywhere and anytime. Through internet connectivity, listening to your preferred radio programs is now possible at any given moment. Do this just by using a radio app on your mobile phone.

Also, the sad thing about traditional radios is that once your favorite program is already finished, you cannot play it back. Thankfully, there is now an option to play back past episodes and even record the broadcasts so you can access and watch them again.

2. Broader Information and Communication

Together with its high accessibility, you can broaden your perspective by extending into different views and cultures around the world. Also, more effective and accurate information could now be relayed throughout countries. People will now be informed faster in trying times like incoming natural disasters.

3. Relatively fast and stable

Compared to traditional radios, it is noticeably faster and more stable. The manual setting and complicated physical structure of the past radios make it a huge disadvantage compared to the shortwave radios.

Boosted by the internet, it saves a prominent amount of time and gives you a better experience by avoiding unexpected transmission interference (not to mention that you can just access it again when it happens).

Frequently Asked Questions


What is shortwave radio?

Shortwave radio is one of the types of radio transmission technology that uses shortwave (SW) radio frequencies ranging from 3.3 to 30 MHz. This possesses a method known as skip or sky wave propagation due to its capability to be aimed at an angle towards the sky and beyond the horizon making the SW waves bounce back to Earth over notably huge distances.

Aside from their known usage in the broadcasting industry, their frequency and techniques are utilized between communication in telephones and telegraph messages. In addition to that, these are also used by ham radio stations and mobile radios with two-way communication systems.

Today, shortwave radios are available online and offer more convenient access and availability. You just need an internet connection and the right browser to connect, listen, and even interact with other users.

Is there a shortwave radio app?

Definitely, yes! The rise of more advanced internet surfing made this possible and more accessible. You may now use a shortwave radio online app downloaded from your respective mobile app stores.

You may listen to shortwave radio on Android and IOS through the following apps.

  • HamSphere
  • Internet Radio & Radio FM Online – Replaio
  • MyTuner Radio
  • Radio Africa Network
  • Radio Garden
  • Radio FM
  • Shortwave Broadcast Schedules
  • Shortwave Radio Schedules
  • Skywave Schedules
  • Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio
  • WTWW Shortwave Radio

Is shortwave free?

Excluding the internet connection you are paying for, it is free.

The websites and apps listed in this guide are generally free. However, it is still important for you to be careful so do not send out any sensitive information. If the site is asking you to do so, proceed to another one because there are a lot of shortwave radios online that offer free service rather than risking one.

Can I listen to Citizens’ Band (CB) on shortwave radio for free?

Yes, you can listen to CB radio online free of charge through your shortwave radio receiver. If the frequencies covered by your radio can lie between 26.9 and 27.5 MHz, you may access the CB programs in no time. Just take note that you can listen to these when your radio is set for AM and not for SSB streaming.


Now that you’ve discovered where can you listen to shortwave radio online, share this guide with your colleagues to also let them know that there is no need to be annoyed by poor radio transmission. As long as there is an internet connection, your computers and smartphones are enough!

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