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how to crack sirius satellite radio

After your three-month trial period, it’s almost impossible to crack your Sirius satellite radio. But you can buy a second-hand Sirius radio that may have a lifetime subscription to XM radio.

Today, many people are looking for free XM radio hacks. This may be because Sirius radio subscriptions are pretty costly– ranging from $10.99 to $22.99 per month.

Luckily, there’s a method on how to crack Sirius satellite radio for those who would want to tune in.

Step-by-step to Crack Sirius Satellite Radio

You don’t need an activation code to get free Sirius satellite radio. The only secret to a “free forever hack” is finding an old Sirius device, which already has a lifetime subscription for at a low price.

And you can take advantage of this device to listen to the radio without paying a fee:

Prepare the following to unlock Sirius Radio:

  1. Portable Sirius satellite radio (2002-2008)
  2. Cigarette lighter adapter
  3. Portable radio dock
  4. Zip tie or anything similar
  5. Auxiliary input jack, cassette adapter, or FM transmitter antenna

Step 1: Go to a thrift store and look for a Sirius satellite radio from 2002 to 2008


During these times, Sirius had a lifetime subscription promotion for its customers. Find any portable Sirius radio from 2002 to 2008, and you’ll likely be able to find one that still has listening access.

Look for these at thrift stores, junk shops, or any second-hand outlet. Or, you may look through your storage and find your old one hanging around.

Step 2: Connect the radio to your car


Plug your cigarette lighter adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

On the other end, connect your Sirius radio. You can also use a radio dock to hold the device.

Step 3: Hide the visible wires

Coil the extra wires with a zip tie or similar. Hide these behind your car’s interior trim panels or under your vehicle’s carpet.

Step 4: Turn on the Sirius radio


If your vehicle isn’t turned on, switch to ignition mode. Your portable radio will automatically turn on.

Step 5: Connect the Sirius radio to your vehicle’s stereo


To connect it to the stereo, you may use an auxiliary input jack (aux in), a cassette adapter, or an FM transmitter antenna (FMTA).

You can find the auxiliary input jack in your car’s face plate, front dash, glove compartment, center console, or in between your car’s front seats.

Once your Sirius radio is connected to your vehicle’s stereo, you can now listen without a time trial with this free SiriusXM hack.

What Is Cracking?

Cracking is a method used to access something that’s often paid for. Cracking uses computer software to access these. Cracking methods include passwords, key generators (keygen), patches, loaders, and network cracking.

Since cracking is done with software alterations, the above method is not considered a crack but a resourceful way to listen to Sirius radio.

Is Cracking Sirius Satellite Radio Legal?


Cracking the Sirius satellite radio is illegal. In fact, Sirius gives so much importance to security. In 2008, many people had found ways to access the XMradio hack.

Thus, Sirius, along with Tipping Point (a security company), deactivated a lot of SiriusXM memberships and have been reconfiguring their systems to avoid Sirius radio hacks until today.

1. Copyright Law And How It Applies To Satellite Radio

Regarding the copyright law, you can legally listen to Sirius satellite radio because of the monthly subscription fee. However, you are not allowed to distribute or use it for anything other than your own entertainment purposes.

2. Risks And Consequences Of Copyright And Cracking

The risks and consequences of copyright infringement and cracking in the USA involve a huge sum of money.

For copyright infringement of music, recordings, etc., and cracking software (covered under software copyright law), an individual may have to pay a fine from $200 to $150,000 and face a maximum of five years in prison.

Alternatives to Cracking Sirius Satellite Radio


Another way to access SiriusXM is to download the SiriusXM on your device and connect your vehicle to Bluetooth. However, this method will use your data and drain your phone battery. It may even cost more than subscribing to Sirius satellite radio.

Suppose Bluetooth is your option to go about this. In that case, you may check out these alternative software/applications almost similar to SiriusXM.

  1. Apple Music focuses on offering songs (as the name says). So there may only be a few radio options compared to SiriusXM.
  2. Spotify is another streaming platform with a free (with ads) and paid (without ads) plan. They also focus on music, but they are also expanding to podcasts. There may also be limited radio options on Spotify.


How Long Is Sirius Satellite Radio Free?

The Sirius satellite radio is free for the first three months, regardless of your plan. With your SXM free trial, you can access music, news, talk shows, podcasts, sports, videos, and more– ad-free.

How Much Is Sirius A Month?

Your Sirius satellite radio subscription fee per month depends on your plan. If you only avail of their Only Music plan, it will cost you $10.99 monthly. On the other hand, Sirius XM Select will cost you $16.99 per month, and the All Access Plan requires you to pay $21.99 per month.

Additional features will require you to pay an additional fee.

Tips To Get SiriusXM Service For Life For Free Or Very Cheap

To get a Sirius lifetime subscription hack, get an old model of a portable Sirius satellite radio with lifetime SiriusXM access.

You can also negotiate with Sirius by calling them if you don’t have access to an old radio. Aside from that, they offer a 25% discount to active military members, veterans, and families but not senior citizens.

Can you hack the XM radio ID?

You should not follow any SiriusXM dealer app hack or a username and password hack as accessing app hack can result in you losing personal information.


Many people still look for ways on how to crack Sirius satellite radio even if it’s illegal. While you can listen to it for a lower cost by obtaining an old Sirius satellite radio, it’s not the most ethical choice.

There are also other cheaper alternatives to SiriusXM if you find Sirius expensive. By availing of these instead, you aren’t violating any copyright laws that may harm you in the future.

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