D Star on HF

Dstar radio on HF

With the introduction on the Icom 7100 and the Icom 9100 radios there seems to be more and more radio hams are trying Dstar on the HF bands. Here is a list of known HF frequency’s used for D-Star

3.630, 7.070, 14.130, 18.150, 21.180, 21.380, 24.938, 24.960, 28.330, 50.630, 70.487.50

3.880, 7.285, 14.280, 14.320, 21.380, 18.148, 24.938, 29.480, 51.180

Looking for a D-Star contact on HF ?
Just enter your callsign and log in to see where others are chatting on HF D-Star radio


Or open it in its own window.

If you have a interest in digital speech over HF radio you could also take a look at a PC based system called FreeDV. All you need is a PC and 2x sound cards and your away.