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what is a double din car radio

Car radios are a source of fun and offer many practical uses. But if you are a newcomer looking for one, it might be confusing because there are a lot of brands that offer various radio models. This guide aims to help you know what is a double DIN car radio.

Double DIN refers to a standard measurement for radio dimensions. If you’ve heard of a single-DIN unit, this type is twice the size of that (it is four inches instead of two inches tall, to be specific).

So, read on to learn about a double DIN head unit, its specifications, functions, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

All About Double DIN Car Radio


What does double DIN radio mean? DIN stands for “Deutsches Institut für Normung”, which is a sizing standard for car stereos. Double DIN signifies that a radio has a width of 7 inches and a height of 4 inches.

You can use the device to listen to music, access AM/FM channels, answer phone calls, and more.

The double DIN dimension also comes with more features compared to the single type. These features are also the reasons why this kind of radio is more pricey.

If you’re curious what these attributes are, read below.

1. Better connectivity with more options

Aside from USB ports and auxiliary inputs, a double DIN has GPS navigation and Bluetooth. It can even let you utilize an internet connection and connect your smart gadgets.

2. Better sound performance

If you are looking for sound quality superiority, this device is worth considering. Because of its bigger size, it has substantial amplifiers and speakers. The extensive number of modes on a double DIN also provides a better listening experience.

3. Wider options for installation and customization

Some brands can offer you options to install the radio yourself. Some even have those installation kits that are also usable for single DIN units. It’s also possible to pair double DINs with backup camera for easier driving.

Also, units under this category are generally user-customization-friendly. You can make it perform the way you want it to and make it look uniform with the design of your car interior.

4. Smart features

These are touchscreen radios with smart features. There are DVD players and CarPlay so that drivers can entertain themselves while checking the roads with navigation apps.

Users won’t even have to press any buttons, as these features are accessible through voice command.

5. More intuitive control

The big double DIN size inches were created for more intuitive controls. It is easy to press the buttons on these units, especially while you’re preoccupied with driving.

6. Lasts longer

This type of device lasts longer compared to single-DIN types because it is made of better materials. Its expensiveness is not just for the manufacturer’s profit.

How Does It Work?


Together with its manual, a double-DIN radio could work easily when installed properly. This is the type of head unit with buttons you can press. It is like using a smartphone because it is pretty automated.

Nevertheless, just be sure that the radio is compatible with your vehicle before installing it.


  • Offers more features and customization settings
  • Larger screen with HD display
  • Higher sound/audio quality
  • Touchscreen
  • GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works well with smartphones
  • Advanced network connectivity


  • Relatively bigger and needs more space when installed in the dash console
  • Way more expensive compared to other DIN units
  • Usually takes an expert to properly installed
  • Not recommended for smaller and old model vehicles
  • Might take time to master for some people who are not techies

Its Importance

Double DIN is a standard car brands and radio makers can follow when designing their products. It also makes shopping for radios easier, since you can look at your stereo slot to see how big it is and what it can fit.

Setting aside its price, it is undeniably convenient to have a double DIN inside your car. The smart features, connectivity, customization options, and durability are some of the general reasons why this head unit poses great importance.

List of Best Double Din Car Radios

  • Sony XAVAX8100
  • Pioneer MVH1400NEX
  • AboutBit 7-inch
  • Kenwood DPX504BT
  • Alpine ILX-W650
  • Kenwood DMX7706s

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between single and double DIN car stereo?

These two are easy to distinguish from each other because of their names and appearance.

A single DIN has a height of 2 inches and a width of 7 inches. A double DIN, as its name indicates, is doubled that, measuring 4 inches in height with the same width of 7 inches.

Aside from the size, double DINs have more advanced features as described above. However, these features come with a great price. So, the decision is really up to you.

Is double DIN better than single?

The answer depends on your car. If your car requires and has been using a single DIN, you need to replace it with the same unit. Likewise, if you have enough space and are used to using a double DIN, don’t pick another type.

Even though a double DIN radio is more advanced and more compatible with smart devices, a single DIN car stereo is way cheaper and could offer you the basic features. So, which is better: radio car single or double din? It highly depends on your budget and your car’s needs.


Now that you have learned what is a double DIN car radio, we hope you can decide if it suits your preferences.

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