How to Keep Radio on at Drive in? – A Guide for Every Car


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how to keep radio on at drive in

Are you a radio lover and tired of your car radio turning off during drive-in movie nights? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. No more frustrations or interrupted soundtracks! Our article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to keep radio on at drive in.

From switching your car to the accessory mode to pushing the start button, get ready to learn how to listen to drive-in movies without interruptions and immerse yourself in the heartwarming scene.

Ways to Keep Radio on at Drive in


There are two ways to keep the radio on at the drive-in. You can either switch your car to the accessory mode or push the start button without starting the car.

While the following steps will guide how to keep the radio on at the drive-in for various car models, please remember that the exact procedures may differ depending on the model and manufacture year of your car, as well as whether it is keyless or regular.

These are the steps in detail for keeping a radio on at the drive-in for each:

</p> <h3>For a regular car</h3> <p>

If you are using regular cars (with keys), you will have to switch the car into accessory mode. This mode lets you keep radio on when the car is off, including powering the radio and other electrical components.

These are the steps you can follow to keep the radio on at the drive-in for a regular car:

  • Step 1. Insert the key into the “Ignition switch”.


  • Step 2. Turn off your engine.


  • Step 3. Switch the key to the “Accessory Mode”.

The accessory mode is usually denoted by “ACC.”


  • Step 4. Confirm if your car is in ACC mode.


</p> <h3>In keyless car (models before 2015)</h3> <p>

Cars without keys operate using a push-button system. As such, you may need to follow different steps depending on the model of the car. For cars made before 2015, here are the steps for using car radio at drive-in:

  • Step 1. Park your car at the “Drive-in theater”.


  • Step 2. Locate the start/stop’ button in your car.


  • Step 3. Press the ‘start/stop’ button two times to activate the radio.


  • Step 4. Test if your car is on drive-in.


Note: If your car is gated, you can shift the gear into position

</p> <h3>Models after 2015</h3> <p>

These models follow a similar approach to the ones developed before 2015. Although, it is important to avoid pressing the brake pedal, as it triggers multiple systems in the car that can drain the battery.

Alternative Methods to Keep Radio On at Drive In

Two effective alternative methods to keep the radio on at drive are using a battery pack or investing in aftermarket stereos.

However, check the rules and regulations of the drive-in theater before trying these alternatives, and be mindful of the surroundings to avoid causing any disturbances.

Here are the methods in detail:

  • Method 1: Using a Portable Battery Pack


When you’re at a drive-in, a battery pack can be a helpful substitute for your car’s battery. They’re convenient and can save you the trouble of having to jump-start your car or tow it after a long night at the movies.

Plus, some battery packs have USB ports built in, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices while you enjoy the show. These portable batteries can be purchased online or at auto parts stores in your area.

  • Method 2: Aftermarket Stereos


The aftermarket stereos are also a choice to keep the radio on at the drive-in. All you need to do is choose a quality one that will last throughout the movie.

These stereos can be easily connected to your car’s audio system to ensure an uninterrupted experience. You can find a variety of options by checking reliable online stores.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Keep Your Ford Radio On at Drive In

Ford offers a variety of options to keep your radio on at the drive in. You can use the audio system’s features, such as the USB port, Bluetooth connection, or auxiliary input.

  • The USB port allows you to connect your radio to external devices and play audio files.
  • On the other hand, Bluetooth lets you pair your car’s audio system to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Once paired, you can play or stream music from your connected device.
  • Lastly, using the auxiliary input jack, you can connect your device to compatible audio outputs and enjoy your movies at the drive-in.

Refer to your Ford car’s manual for detailed instructions on how to use these features.

Do You Need a Special Radio for the Drive-In?

No, you do not need a particular radio for the drive-in. Regular car radios and most aftermarket stereos can work. Besides, most drive-ins utilize the FM radio to broadcast. Although, you can still use a portable stereo with speakers.

Can You Use a Radio App at a Drive-In?

Yes, you can use a radio app for drive-in. Go to the Play Store, download and install any app, and search for your favorite stations manually. However, for quicker results, you can use the FM transmitter app.

Keep in mind, you need a good internet connection for the radio to work. Otherwise, you might experience a choppy sound.

How to Save Battery When the Radio Is On

To save battery when the radio is on, switch to the accessory mode and reduce the usage of other electrical components. The accessory mode will allow you to keep the radio on without draining the car battery.

However, it’s a good practice to not leave the radio on for long and turn it off when not needed to preserve battery life.

Regardless, the duration varies depending on the car’s condition, battery, and audio equipment.


To wrap it up, now you know how to keep the radio on at the drive-in, whether you have a regular or keyless car. For a regular car, you need to use the accessory mode. However, the start or push button lets you keep your car in the drive-in for a keyless car.

That said, the steps may vary depending on the model or the car’s year of manufacture. For instance, car models produced before 2015 may have slightly different stages than those produced after.

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