How to Reset a Mazda Radio? Mazda Radio Reset Tricks


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When it comes to commercial vehicles, Mazda has proven itself to be one of the most reliable brands out there. This Japanese automobile manufacturer is soon reaching its centennial anniversary (ca. October 1931). Mazda has come a long way.

Despite its illustrious history, this brand with a very mystical namesake (i.e., Ahura Mazda) is not a stranger to malfunction issues that threaten to tarnish its reputation.

One of these common defects (especially with new models like Mazda CX5) concerns its default radio infotainment systems not working properly. Learning how to reset a Mazda radio is becoming a go-to online reference.

Steps to Reset a Mazda Radio


There are a number of reasons as to why the radios in many Mazda cars would stop working. Different models tend to have their prevalent glitches.

For instance, the Mazda 2 tends to get its circuits fried and instantly kill the car radio when going beyond 100,000 miles benchmark.

In other cases, a malfunctioning touchscreen technology is the most common Mazda radio problems for many of the 2003 models (e.g. Mazda 3).

So, to reset a Mazda radio, it is best to understand the nature or cause of its malfunction. Generally, these procedures can be categorized as either hard reset or soft reset.

1. Hard reset

This procedure pertains to configurations that entail a more dogged use of hardware buttons (e.g. volume, power, or home).

This reboot procedure is naturally direct, abrupt and does not require much a nuanced and prudent approach. In fact, this type of fix can get repetitive and not a thorough solution.

2. Soft reset

Soft reset, on the other hand, pertains to configurations that entail a methodical navigation in the depths of the viewable display of the Mazda audio system.

In comparison, this reboot procedure may entail a relatively longer list of specific commands, some of which require sensitive security details. Case in point: the notoriously fastidious process of a radio reset code right after battery change.

The official website of Mazda Motors has prescribed specific hard and soft reset fixes according to specific concerns and purposes.

#1 Infotainment System Resetting

Category: Hard Reset

These are the three steps to follow if you are experiencing problems with the infotainment system (i.e. severe malfunction in the information display)

  1. Reset the radio by pressing the music, navigation, and volume buttons altogether.
  2. Simultaneously hold (i.e. long-press) these three buttons for 20 seconds.
  3. Wait for the system to automatically reboot itself.

For a more detailed demonstration of the process: click this video tutorial.

#2 Bluetooth Connection Resetting

Category: Hard Reset

These are the three steps to follow if you are experiencing difficulty connecting the car radio’s Bluetooth system with another gadget.

  1. Reset the radio by pressing the volume, back, and navigation buttons as one.
  2. Hold (i.e. long-press) altogether these three buttons for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat the procedure until the pairing or linking is resolved accordingly.

#3 Software Updating

Category: Soft Reset

When the previous fixes still failed to resolve the error, it is possible that the infotainment system requires a software update. Like all computers, the car radio’s programming are also restored and optimized by a series of micro-upgrades that are available online. Follow these steps accordingly to complete this reboot:

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. Choose settings.
  3. Click Systems on the screen.
  4. Choose the OS version, Gracenote version, or search for software updates.
  5. The download option will indicate whether or not updates are available.
  6. Click for any available updates shown on the screen.
  7. See the update starting and confirm once the automatic installation is finished.

For a similar detailed demonstration of the process: click this video tutorial.

In case the issue still remains unresolved, it is best to seek professional services capable of thorough diagnosis and possible mechanical overhaul.

Granted, system glitches that require more than a typical reset Mazda screen tend to be complicated on its own.

Particular complications go beyond the purview of Mazda infotainment reset simply because the source of the problem is purely mechanical. In other words, the error originates from a faulty interior structure. In fact, some issues require temporarily removing the components of the car radio before proceeding with the standard hard reset.

Below is a 5-and-a-half-minute tutorial video showing how the owner/mechanic tinkers with the dashboard before fixing the Bluetooth connection setting via hard reset.

Unless you are confident about your working knowledge of fixing car audio components, opting for a do-it-yourself (DIY) method is not advisable.


Don’t let the prevalent issues like subpar car radio performance get in the way of appreciating this great automobile model. Embarking on long road trips can really be an epic experience, and a quality sound system boosts the positive travel vibes while driving [with the wind caressing your head].

It pays to know how to reset a Mazda radio to realize that you have little to no cause for concern unless your vehicle has serious defects that imperil your driving.

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