4 Steps to Set Radio Stations in Your Toyota RAV4


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how to set radio stations in your toyota rav4

If you have a new car, the stereo is one of the first features you would want to try. After all, it spells enjoyment when listening to music while on the road.

If you’re learning how to set radio stations in your Toyota RAV4, fret not, as it’s so easy you can ask a kid to do it. You — or the kid — need to select the station with a button or knob (depending on the unit), then save it using a preset number.

Steps to Set Radio Stations in Your Toyota RAV4

Car radio settings are user-friendly, so it will only take seconds to preset FM or AM stations. The 2019-2022 RAV4 models have the most number of presets at 36, followed by the 2023-2024 models at 20, while older ones only have six.

Even without a manual, you can easily preset your channel. There are a few variations on the process depending on the stereo unit, but listed below are the general steps.

1. Press the Audio button on the stereo.

2. Choose AM or FM in the audio options.


3. Use the track or seek button to select the radio station you want to save. The tune/scroll knob is another option when finding stations.


4. On the screen, press and hold a preset button (number 1 or higher) until you hear a beep. The sound signals the station has been saved.

For more information, you can also check this video.

In some units, you may also see the word “Add New” on the screen. This means that the preset number with that phrase has no station yet, and you can select “Add New” to ‘bookmark’ a new one.

You can delete preset stations by overriding them with new channels (like in step 4 above). This should work for older models from 2022 or earlier.

Deleting radio stations is the easiest for those with the latest RAV4 (2023-2024) because simply clicking the heart icon on the right side of the radio channel will do the trick. To “un-favorite” the station, simply tap the heart icon.

Lastly, those with Pioneer radios can preset stations by following these steps:

  1. Select ‘Listen’ to choose the channel you want to save.
  2. Select ‘Memory’ and use the plus (+) and minus (-) icons to preset.
  3. Press ‘Memory’ again to save the station.


Whatever the car model or radio variant, it’s easy to learn how to set radio stations in your Toyota RAV4. It’s a basic skill drivers must have, especially those who enjoy listening to music or radio shows while traveling.

To reiterate, the process involves selecting the station with a button or a knob, then assigning it a number to save it.

The steps are straightforward, and when you have the manual at your disposal, then what’s easy just becomes easier.

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