How to Tell if Sirius Radio Has Lifetime Subscription? – 3 Steps


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how to tell if sirius radio has lifetime subscription

For passionate listeners, a lifetime subscription to SiriusXM radio is highly appealing, particularly for those who frequently take long drives. This subscription guarantees uninterrupted access to your preferred channels without the inconvenience of monthly or yearly fees.

However, identifying whether your SiriusXM radio has a lifetime subscription can be perplexing and require several indicators. But don’t fret!

In this article, we will explore how to tell if Sirius Radio has a lifetime subscription, how to get it, upgrade, and more. So, get ready!

Ways to Tell if Sirius Radio Has a Lifetime Subscription

To tell if your Sirius radio has a lifetime subscription, there are several steps you can take.

Firstly, verify your subscription via your SiriusXM account. Alternatively, you can contact customer support or ask the administrator. Below is a detailed explanation for each step:

Step 1: Verify Your Subscription With the SiriusXM Account


Should you have access to the verification tool of the radio, log in to the account and check the status of the account. Specifically, check for any indication or suggestion for a lifetime subscription.

Step 2: Contact Customer Support


Contact customer support via their official website or customer service number to determine if your radio has a lifetime subscription.

Provide them with your radio’s serial number, and they will check and inform you of its subscription status.

Step 3: Ask the Administrator


At Sirius, the administrators can tell you if the lifetime subscription was active or inactive when the settlement was implemented.

Understanding Lifetime Subscription

A lifetime subscription is a package offered by SiriusXM that allows users to access their services throughout their lifetime, avoiding monthly or annual recurring subscriptions.

However, this unique approach also has its fair share of pros and cons, as discussed below:


There are several main ones, including:

  • Good Radio Signal. SiriusXM offers a reliable radio signal in many locations across Canada, Mexico, and beyond, allowing you to access various radio channels without interruption.
  • Various Programming Channels. SiriusXM provides extensive channels, including music genres and live sporting events. You can access over 150 channels through your car, online, or through the SiriusXM app.
  • Customized Stations. With SiriusXM, you can enjoy unique features that allow you to make customized music stations online and on their website and app, thanks to their collaboration with Pandora.


As with any radio system, there are some drawbacks to using SiriusXM radio:

  • Cost. The price of a subscription is usually high compared to other subscriptions. Additionally, you only get what you paid for. This can scare potential subscribers.
  • Installation Issues. Sometimes, installing a SiriusXM radio in your vehicle can be challenging, especially if your vehicle lacks built-in support.

You may need additional equipment, such as power sources and satellite radio receivers, to complete the installation process.

How to Get SiriusXM Lifetime Subscription


Currently, SiriusXM doesn’t provide a lifetime subscription package. However, obtaining a lifetime subscription through transfer is still possible. To be eligible for this transfer, you must know your purchase date and the device type you used.

If you bought your package before June 20, 2005, you can transfer it any number of times.

However, if you made your initial purchase after June 20, 2005, but before September 8, 2007, you can transfer your subscription up to three times. For built-in car radios, there is a transfer fee of $35.

In the past, to obtain a lifetime subscription, you had to buy the package and activate the SiriusXM radio on the website. To finalize the process, you also needed to receive a one-time activation code to confirm your radio ID.

  • Note: If you sell, lose, or damage the original device, the lifetime subscription cannot be transferred to a different device.

How Much Did SiriusXM Lifetime Subscription Cost


The lifetime subscription price of a SiriusXM package varied, with options ranging from $357 to $755. The price depended on the level of access and benefits the membership offers.

Unlike other plans that required monthly or annual fees, the SiriusXM lifetime subscription was a single payment option. It was promoted as a cost-effective choice for long-term savings.

While SiriusXM offers free trials, there is nothing like free forever. These trials usually last a maximum of 6 months, after which you can choose from different plans. Some of these plans may include a limited number of free channels.

It’s crucial to be aware that there is no Sirius lifetime subscription hack. Any individual claiming to offer such an option is likely trying to deceive you. The only authentic way to access SiriusXM for free is by taking advantage of their free trial offers.

  • Note: Attempting to hack a system is illegal and strongly discouraged. Doing so may result in a lifetime ban.

How Can I Upgrade My Current Subscription to a Lifetime Plan?


To upgrade your current package to a lifetime subscription deal, you can adjust your subscription preferences on your account page and choose the upgrade option.

Alternatively, select the upgrade option on the Settings Icon to transition to the lifetime plan on the membership options available.

However, if you are already subscribed, you must cancel your current subscription before selecting the lifetime plan.

But in case you have an active annual membership, there’s no need to cancel anything. The one-year membership won’t renew automatically. You just have to purchase the lifetime membership plan, and the membership will renew automatically.

  • Important: When upgrading, you will only need to pay the difference in membership cost.

Can I Transfer a Lifetime Subscription to Another Device or Vehicle?

Yes! You can transfer an active lifetime subscription an unlimited number of times to another device or vehicle. However, certain restrictions apply. For instance, you can not transfer a trial subscription to another device.

Additionally, for each permissible lifetime subscription transfer, you will be charged a $35 transfer fee subject to applicable taxes and must be effected on the site.

What Happens if I Cancel My Lifetime Subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, it will terminate at the end of the current billing cycle, and you will immediately lose access to all SiriusXM services. However, if you do not cancel more than 24 hours before your renewal date, your subscription will renew automatically.

Although, if you cancel before the renewal date, you may be entitled to a refund of any payments made in advance, pro-rated, after deducting any applicable fees, unless otherwise specified in the service offer you accepted.

  • Important: Simply uninstalling the SXM App will not cancel your subscription. It is essential to follow the correct cancellation procedure to avoid being billed.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions With a Lifetime Subscription?


Yes! The lifetime subscription comes with several limitations and restrictions.

  • Firstly, a SiriusXM lifetime subscription cannot be transferred to another person. It is tied to the receiver and cannot be shared or passed on.
  • Secondly, while the lifetime subscription offers versatility, you rely on a data feed, which means that your access to content deligibleepends on the data feed’s availability.
  • Furthermore, the lifetime subscription is only eligible for specific content. There is no guarantee that you will receive a premium or exclusive content.
  • Lastly, the lifetime subscription is limited to Satellite Radio 2.0 capabilities, so you may not have access to the latest features and functionalities available in newer and more advanced radios.
  • Note:There are no requirements for the service provider to ensure that your satellite radio experience matches that of consumers with newer radios.


SiriusXM provides a range of programming choices, and with our steps on how to tell if Sirius Radio has a lifetime subscription, it should no longer be an issue. However, knowing your entitlements is essential to maximize the plan’s benefits.

That said, SiriusXM Radio no longer offers lifetime subscriptions, and the only way to obtain it is through a transfer or if it was bought and installed in the vehicle before the policy change.

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