How to Tune Radio to Channel 0? – Only 4 Simple Steps


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how to tune radio to channel 0

If you are one of the radio users who forgot their SiriusXM radio ID or are just curious about what is on channel 0, this guide is definitely for you. It will teach you how easy it is to acquire information about your subscription or stereo unit—stressing out is not even an option.

So, how do I get to channel 0 on my radio? Just continue browsing down this article to uncover how to tune radio to channel 0 quickly and easily!

Basic Information About Channel 0


Learning to program Sirius XM radio in car to channel 0 is helpful, since most cars today, especially in America, have this satellite radio installed.

The most important and basic thing you need to remember about channel 0 is that it is not a specialized radio program and it only shows you a radio ID number. Specifically, it is used to display the radio unit’s XM registration ID.

This identification number is important, especially if you want to change your service package through customer support. This ID number has eight characters, which will be flashed on the screen of your radio when you tune in to channel 0.

However, as a disclaimer, not all radio units can utilize the steps below. You need to check first whether your transceiver is a satellite one. If you don’t know much about your device, continue reading to know what to do.

Things to Consider Before Tuning Radio to Channel 0


  • Read your radio’s manual

Today, many radios have become more advanced, so reading your unit’s manual is beneficial. Know the functions and their technicalities and if possible, master them, so you will only need little external assistance.

  • Know the radio parts

Another thing you should consider is the parts of your unit. Learn what their functions are to effectively tune to the channels you are aiming to go to.

If you notice that you are unfamiliar with some parts, go back to the manual and always follow the instructions exactly to avoid complications.

  • Look for other sources

You may use the internet to look for the specific guidance you need or to better your understanding regarding this matter.

  • Ask for help

There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help, especially if you know that you’re afraid to take a risk and not confident to do any modifications by yourself. If you have the budget or a friend who’s willing to help, there’s no need to go at it alone.

Step-by-step to Tune Radio to Channel 0

Step 1: Turn your radio on to change the audio source.

Turn your radio on and then use the “Audio Source” option to make sure you’re using SiriusXM. Click it and select “XMSirius”.

If that doesn’t work, you may set car radio to satellite as an alternative. Doing this will allow you to select from the more or less 150 SiriusXM radio channels, including the channel you are aiming to switch to.

Step 2: Change your radio’s mode


After you accomplish the first step, you will then see that an option to change mode is flashed on the screen. Proceed by choosing “more” and click “channel mode”.

Step 3: Look for channel 0

The speed of doing an XM radio search depends on what radio channel you are on currently. Nevertheless, use the ring-adjusting dial or the part that needs to be manipulated to reach channel 0.

Do this until you reach the said channel.

Step 4: Get your ID


When you successfully arrive on channel 0, wait for a couple of seconds to get your radio ID. Once you see it, you may write it down for future purposes.

Know that your flashed ID, Kenwood Sirius radio ID, for example, is the indication that you’ve just successfully tune radio free of charge to channel 0.

Where Do I Find My Radio ID Number?


In most radio brands and units, you can find your ID number when you tune a car radio to channel 0. So, you only need to do the steps explained above.

You may also find radio ID by VIN Lookup and check whether your vehicle is satellite radio-friendly as a bonus. Do this by going to the online site of the SiriusXM Radio Vin Lookup care unit.


The steps above are easy, right? So, now that you have learned how to tune radio to channel 0, it will be kind for you to share it with your friends and family and let them know that it is free to tune in to such a channel. Thank you for reading

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