TYT DMR MD380 Firmware

TYT MD-380 DMR radio, new experimental firmware and regular firmware updating.

With the new firmware out for the TYT range of radios many hams will be looking at installing the experimental firmware so I have put this page together to help you along the way. I am doing this under Windows 10

Latest is version 2 April 22nd

After downloading the latest firmware, you need to unpack the files:

You will need to copy some of these files into your C:\Windows\System32 folder. I just run the “upgrade” application and it will tell you what files are missing. I needed to copy just 2 files: STDFU and STTubeDevice30. Then re boot your PC.

Run the “upgrade” application:

You click on “Open Update File” and choose what version of the firmware you want to put in your Tytera DMR clone radio. At the time of doing this page V1 of the firmware only has 3 versions:

1: prom-public.img and prom-public.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups.
2: prom-private.img and prom-private.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups, private calls.
3: experiment.img and experiment.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups, private calls, and sideload alternate firmware.

Click on the firmware version you want to load and it will display the file you loaded in the program.

Now you are ready to update your radio. Plug your programming lead into your PC and into the side of your radio.

Now click the “Update File” and wait while your firmware is updated DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING until the progress bar at the top of the program has finished.

Your radio should now have the new firmware installed.

You will still have your original code plug still in the radio but on this early version of the firmware it just allows you to monitor all TG’s on slot 1 or 2 and it will not tell you what TG you are hearing, only the user ID. I just set my radio to Local S1 or Local S2 and hear all traffic on the slot.