SSTV & ATV WebRing Home Page

Welcome to the home page for the SSTV & ATV Web Ring

This webring is only for ham radio sites that tend towards SSTV (Analogue & Digital) and ATV/Video

Rules (not many)

1/ The banner you get must be displayed in 2 places. Your front page (index.html) for most of you, and on the page that displays your ATV live feed or SSTV / Easypal cam.

2/ You can adjust the size and shape of the banner and change the colors to fit/suit your site, but all code must be intact.

3/ As soon as I have checked that the ring banner is on your main page, you will be added to the ring. Thats it 🙂

Filling in the JOIN form.

Site title: something like “G0HWC’s SSTV”

Description: Just say whats on your site (max 250 characters)

Keywords: you don’t have to fill this in but it helps when others do searches. “SSTV” would be a good one 🙂

Site enter URL: put the main address (

HTML code URL: you only need to fill this in if you will not be putting the banner on your front page. IE: being the location of the ring banner/code (this is the place the ring will take visitors)

Site ID: Your callsign is best, but can be anything you want (you will need to use this to edit your details at later date)

Password: Anything you want, PLEASE don’t use valuable password (as ring master I will be able to see them).

Name: well thats easy :-)))