What Channel is Disney on Sirius XM?


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Rafeal Hart


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what channel is disney on sirius xm

Do you always have a weekend getaway with your family and find ways to entertain your kiddie passengers? After all, you wouldn’t want them glued to their phones.

If that is the case, you should know what channel is Disney on Sirius XM, so you can enjoy good music with the young ones.

In-car entertainment is not limited to the usual radio stations, gadgets, or games. Tuning in to kids’ channels means hitting two birds with one stone: bonding with children while singing your lungs out. So listen to channel 133 to let it go, let it go!

Disney Channel on SiriusXM


Initially, Disney channel number was 302. It’s now been changed to channel 133. So, if you need to refresh the stations the next time you tune in to Disney Hits and can’t locate it on channel 302, you might need to refresh the stations.

If by any chance the connection won’t still register, troubleshoot the unit by checking its cables, connections, and antenna. Signal issues are common, but they are easy to deal with, so don’t fret. If you need a reminder, you must also keep your subscription updated.

Once you can tune in to Disney Hits, you’ll be able to access:

  • Hits from such movies as ‘High School Musical,’ ‘Moana,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Frozen,’ ‘Lion King,’ and many others.
  • ‘Extra Magic Hours,’ which premieres every Monday at noon (Eastern and Pacific Time).
  • ‘Be Our Guest 4 The Day’, where a celebrity is given a chance to man the channel so they can play four of their favorite Disney songs.
  • ‘Disney Sunday Morning Chill Out’ with up to 30 minutes of Disney songs, carefully crafted to deliver relaxation every Sunday at 8 a.m. (ET and PT).


Now that you know what channel is Disney on Sirius XM, you might want to start listening to the hits and surprise the kids with that ‘Moana’ or any Disney Princess song.

Imagine the fun it would bring as you take on the road with the young ones, and all of you are belting out some classic Disney songs. Memorable moments are guaranteed when enjoying the beats of the “happiest SiriusXM channel on Earth.”

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