What Channel is NewsMax on Sirius XM?


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what channel is newsmax on sirius xm

Satellite radio has become a popular choice for many people seeking a reliable source of news and commentary. One notable example is Newsmax—an American news channel offering subscribers news updates.

If you are a subscriber of SiriusXM and looking to find a Newsmax radio station number, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to discover what channel is Newsmax on Sirius XM.

What Channel Is Newsmax on Sirius XM?


Is Newsmax available on Sirius XM? Unfortunately, no. Despite being popular, this news station is not on Sirius XM.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of options, as the service still provides several political channels for you to tune into. Since you’re interested in Newsmax, I’ll assume you want to listen to conservative news.

In that case, the Patriot station will be up your alley, as it’s another right-wing news channel. To listen to Patriot, simply tune in to SiriusXM 125.

Alternatively, you should try Potus Politics on Channel number 124, which includes news and discussion from both left- and right-wing parties.

If you’re interested in trying out these channels on Sirius SM, here is a table summary of its subscription plans

Plans Charges per Month Additional Features Charges per Month
SiriusXM Select $16.99 TravelLink $1.99
SiriusXM All Access $21.99 Traffic $3.99
SiriusXM Mostly Music $10.99 TravelLink + Traffic $5.98

Where to Listen to Newsmax?


To stream Newsmax on the go, subscribe to TuneIn or listen to iHeartRadio. You also have the option to watch the channel live on cable TV on Suddenlink Channel 102.

About Newsmax

Newsmax is a conservative news network based in America. Since its launch in early 1998, the Newsmax-owned media channel has gained worldwide popularity for its engaging content.

According to reports, Newsmax has over 80 million subscribers worldwide and is considered one of the top news channels. The channel offers various news updates on sports, breaking news, health, finance, Congress, and Hollywood.


Now you know what channel is newsmax on Sirius XM! Additionally, you can enjoy various channels meant to suit your taste from the SiriusXM offers.

Check out various packages on Sirius, such as SiriusXM Select and XM Mostly Music All Access, and choose one that suits your preference for endless entertainment.

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