What Radio Station Are the Detroit Tigers on?


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what radio station are the detroit tigers on

The Detroit Tigers, a Major League Baseball (MLB) team founded in Detroit in 1894, have garnered a substantial fan base. If you are a Tigers fan eager to get an answer to the question, “What radio station are the Detroit Tigers on??” you’re in the right place.

The Detroit Tigers can be found on radio station WXYT-97.1FM. Aside from that, you can tune in to the Detroit Tigers on the radio at 1270 AM. You can also listen to Detroit Tigers online by downloading the Audacity app on your Apple or Android device.

Whether you are tuning in from the heart of Detroit or following from a distance, knowing other radio broadcast channels for the Tigers is crucial. Read on to find out more.

Radio Stations Broadcasting the Detroit Tigers


While WXYT-97.1 FM and 1270AM are the two key stations, there are numerous other Tiger baseball channels you can listen to. However, each Detroit Tigers channel has a varying schedule.


Here is a table summary of Detroit Tigers Radio affiliates

Call Sign Frequency Band City State Network Status
WXYT-FM 97.1 FM Detroit Michigan Flagship
WATZ-FM 99.3 FM Alpena Michigan Affiliate
WQBX 104.9 FM Alma Michigan Affiliate
WTKA 1050 AM Ann Arbor Michigan Affiliate
WLTKI 100.3 FM Angola Indiana Affiliate
WMTR-FM 96.1 FM Archbold Ohio Affiliate
W292FW 106.3 FM Ann Arbor Michigan WTKA relay
WBCK 95.3 FM Battle Creek Michigan Affiliate
WBRN 1460 AM Big Rapids Michigan Affiliate
WMRX-FM 97.7 FM Beaverton Michigan Affiliate
W243EN 96.5 FM Big Rapids Michigan WBRN relay
W256CC 99.1 FM Big Rapids Michigan WRBN relay
WKYO 1360 AM Caro Michigan Affiliate
WKAD 93.7 FM Cadillac Michigan Affiliate
WMKT 1270 AM Charlevoix Michigan WMKT relay
WCHY 95.3 FM Cheboygan Michigan Affiliate
W272CR 102.3 FM Charlevoix Michigan WMKT relay
WDBC 680 AM Escanaba Michigan Affiliate
W243E0 96.5 FM Frankenmuth Michigan WSGW relay
W233CT 94.5 FM Escanaba Michigan WDBC relay
WBNZ 92.3 FM Frankfurt Michigan Affiliate
WGHN 1370 AM Grand Haven Michigan WGHN relay
W280GB 103.9 FM Gladstone Michigan WDBC relay
W235CM 94.9 FM Grand Haven Michigan WGHN
WMAX-FM 96.1 FM Grand Rapids Michigan Daytime-only affiliate
WOOD 1300 AM Grand Rapids Michigan Nighttime-only affiliate
WCSR 1340 AM Hillsdale Michigan Affiliate
W258DE 99.5 FM Hillsdale Michigan Affiliate


WCSR-FM 92.1 FM Hillsdale Michigan Affiliate
WCSR 1340 AM Hillsdale Michigan Affiliate
WHTC 1450 AM Holland Michigan Affiliate

Listen to Detroit Tigers Aside From Radio Stream


Apart from listening to Detroit Tigers on radio streams, there are other ways you can experience the thrill of the games. Watching it on TV is one of the popular options.

These are some of the best TV Channels where you can catch Tigers games live:

  1. CTS 46
  2. Cable America 48,49,96
  3. Ace Communications 56
  4. Caspian 8
  5. Crystal Cable TV 13
  6. Bloomingdale 56


Now that you know the answer to “What radio station are the Detroit Tigers on?”, there is no excuse not to follow their games live or through radio. You can tune in to WXYT-97.1FM or 1270AM. Keep in mind that you may need an internet connection if you want to follow the games live on TV.

As outlined in this article, you can also follow other affiliates of Detroit Tiger radio stations in different cities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. With knowledge of what channels to listen to, you can continue enjoying the exciting experience.

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