What Radio Station Does Panic! at the Disco Play on? (List of 3)


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what radio station does panic at the disco play on

Panic at the Disco’s music can be heard on local radio stations such as SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio, and AccuRadio. However, you can still enjoy their electrifying performance and infectious music on internet radio services like YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music.

This band has gained fame for their music that has captured the hearts of listeners.

If you are wondering what type of music does panic at the disco play, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will look into what radio station does Panic! At The Disco play on?, and also review the type of music they play. Let’s get started!

Radio Stations Playing Panic at the Disco

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As the introduction mentions, there are several radio stations that play Panic at the Disco music. Let’s take a closer look at each station:

1. AccuRadio



AccuRadio is one independent multi-channel radio station with more than one thousand channels. Along with Panic at the Disco, they also play other artists who fall under this type of genre.

You can access the channels via: Panic! At the Disco – AccuRadio

It is an ideal type of station that allows you to access free music from its website or download the AccuRadio app. You can rate songs, which will be used to personalize your listening experience based on your preferences.

For example, if you frequently listen to “l Made It” by Panic at the Disco and give it a five-star rating, the track will play more frequently in the future and appear more prominently on your app interface. However, you must sign in or create an account before using the app.

2. TuneIn Radio


TuneIn Radio is another major radio station that freely plays the band’s music via Panic! at the Disco | TuneIn

It allows you to stream most of the band’s hits, such as Alt Hits, Mix Lite, and INDIE ROCK.

Furthermore, it allows you to try it on long-term by subscribing to its one-time pro tag of around $9.99.

3. SiriusXM radio


SiriusXM’s radio not only plays songs by Panic! at the Disco, but also offers exclusive interviews with the band. To access SiriusXM radio, there are two methods available.

Firstly, by installing the SXM app on your device – the app is available for Samsung TV, 360L radio, Amazon gadgets, and Apple gadgets.

Secondly, you can connect the SiriusXM app to your car’s head unit and enjoy Panic! at Disco’s music by subscribing to the platinum plan. You’ll receive a three-month free trial with your subscription.

Other Internet Radio Platforms


Aside from the above, internet radio platforms such as YouTube, Apple TV, and Spotify also play Panic! at the Disco. Let’s look at each in detail below:

  • YouTube. YouTube comes in handy, especially if your car stereo is modern. You can search the app for one of your favorite band’s songs and listen for free.
  • Apple TV. You’ll need to pay a subscription fee to enjoy Panic! at the Disco’s songs on Apple Music. However, if you already have an account, you can easily connect it to your car through the Bluetooth app and enjoy the music.
  • Spotify. With Spotify, you can enjoy almost all the Panic! at the Disco’s music for free through their platform. Connecting Spotify to your car is easy with options like Android Auto, Spotify Connect, Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth.

If you’re unable to access the aforementioned options, you can also listen to Pandora’s Panic! at the Disco or emo radio stations.

Finding Panic! at the Disco on Radio


To find Panic! at the Disco on Radio, you may have to:

  • Listen to Your Local Radio Stations. Most radio stations, especially those that play rock or pop music, play Panic! at the Disco regularly. Check out most of those stations to enjoy Panic! at the Disco songs.
  • Go to Online Radio Platforms. Online platforms like YouTube and Spotify can also allow you to access most of the Panic! at the Disco songs. You can always search for platforms that specialize in Rock or Pop, as they will likely play such songs.


What Genre of Music Does Panic! at the Disco Specialize in??

The band specializes in  pop-punk, psych-rock, mix pop, baroque pop, and more. Besides, they are known for winning awards on platforms like MTV and the charts with hyperkinetic,

What Are Some of the Panic! at the Disco Songs on the Radio

Certainly! The band still has a diverse range of songs being played on the radio. Some of them include:

  • Hurricane
  • Hey Look Ma, l Made It
  • Memories
  • Don Let The Light Go Out
  • Victorious
  • This Is Gospel

Has Panic! at the Disco Stopped Making Music?

Yes, the only original member left, Brendon Uri, through his Instagram page, announced that he would be taking a break to focus on his family. Earlier, Ross and Walker left to pursue a different style of music, while Brent Wilson was fired.


Now that you have an insight into what radio station Panic! at the Disco plays on, you can effortlessly listen to your preferred music from the band by tuning in to the station.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to internet channels like YouTube and Spotify and listen to the band.

However, note that depending on their subscription offers, you might have to pay for some of these internet channels.

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