How to Win a Radio Call in Contest? (7 Steps & Tips)


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how to win a radio call in contest

Learning how to win a radio call in contest is relatively straightforward. You don’t need special skills—just a reliable phone, perfect timing, and alertness. It need not be said, but you need to call a radio station faster if you aim to grab the prize.

It’s not always your lucky day because other listeners are raring to be the winner. The competition is tight, but once you take to heart the tricks to call into radio stations, you might end up the champ.

Steps and Tips for Winning Radio Contests


Before we get into the trick to winning radio call in contest, you need the following to win prizes from radio competitions: a radio (duh?!), a mobile phone or a landline, and an extra phone (optional).

Once everything’s ready, turn on that radio and follow these tips.

1. Be an avid listener


If a reminder is needed: you must be an avid listener to familiarize yourself with the radio station’s contests. Don’t just tune in once in a while, but check regularly and see if certain shows distribute more prizes or if some disc jockeys are more generous.

Usually, the bigger shows have more sponsors, so they offer the most prizes. However, since the competition is tight for such channels, consider listening to programs in your local area with smaller rewards.

Being an avid listener, you’ll familiarize yourself with shows or DJs who frequently answer calls, instead of those who merely give away items via raffles.

Some games encourage listeners to tune in to many programs throughout the day, asking them to take note of keywords, numbers, or other codes. In turn, the listener must correctly recite the said codes when their call is picked up by a DJ.

If that is the requirement, you can set an alarm or reminder on your phone, so you won’t miss codes that might be announced during certain time slots or shows.

Part of being an avid fan is following a show’s or DJ’s social media pages and websites, or registering for games, if any. By doing so, you might get a heads-up on radio station giveaways. Besides, some shows/DJs also conduct games and share freebies via their pages.

2. Know the rules


Radio stations giving away money have varied rules, depending on the show. Aside from the mentioned recital of codes, some DJs ask simple questions about their sponsors.

For instance, if the prizes are movie or concert tickets, get ready to be asked questions about the film or performers, respectively. In some shows, listeners are asked to sing a song, a portion of it, or complete the lyrics, and if they do so correctly, they’ll take home the prize.

Be enthusiastic and convincing when your call is picked up by the DJ. You want to be as engaged as possible, so you leave an impression. After all, from hundreds or thousands of callers wanting to win radio station contest, your call was picked up. So, don’t miss the chance.

Furthermore, there are radio stations that don’t allow listeners who have already won to join their other contests. If that is the case, give a chance to others and try your luck with other stations’ games.

3. Save the station’s hotline.


It’s a norm in radio stations to have a dedicated hotline for a contest text raffle. Some have the usual numbers-only hotline, while others have a code to call radio station, say if the station is named HOPE FM, its line can be 123-HOPE (4673 on the keypad).

When you already knowf the contest or studio hotline, save it on your phone as a “favorite” contact or set it up for a speed dial. That way, when you join a game, you can easily redial it.

4. Strong signal is a must.


Being quick is a vital part of winning tickets on the radio. As such, you don’t want to be in a dead zone when making that very important phone call, especially if you’re using a mobile phone. Landlines are better if you don’t want signal issues.

If you’re that determined to win, you can make the call outdoors or in another household with good reception. If there’s a busy signal when calling the radio station, it’s understandable because hundreds or even thousands are trying to connect. Just keep on redialing, and you might get lucky.

5. Pay attention to your timing.


It’s not enough that you saved the radio station call number. You must have perfect timing when dialing and hitting that call button.

If you think calling while the DJ narrates the instructions will get you the jackpot, think again. You’re not the only one planning to call even before the go-signal – and it’s counterproductive.

Don’t call too late, and don’t call too early. In most cases, the studio will only open the line after giving instructions, so if you call before it’s finished, you’re wasting time. After all, if the hotline is on your speed dial settings, you won’t have a hard time making that call, so don’t get too excited.

Furthermore, it’s best to listen on the radio and not online. Live streams may be delayed due to low internet speeds, so it’s not ideal to tune in online – unless you have that gift of timing the delay.

If you have voice messaging applications in your phone, consider using them to make a call only when you’re certain they’ll dial/connect faster than a regular call. Such apps include Viber, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, Skype, Signal, etc.

You must not drop the call if it’s ringing and no one’s answering. Wait until the last ring or when someone picks up the call.

When, at last, someone picks up the call, yet no one’s talking on the other line, be patient. It’s possible that a studio staff answered the call and is yet to transfer you to the DJ. As one DJ said, they are usually occupied while on air.

Competing for free prizes is hard, so don’t hang up when you’re calling radio station busy signal is what you hear. Persistence and re-dialing go a long way for contest participants.

6. Use an extra phone.


You know what raffle competitions say: more entries mean more chances of winning. The same is true if you want to be the 10th caller on radio contests. Win tickets on the radio by calling from more than one phone, say your smartphone and the landline. You can even go further if you have more devices.

Better yet, ask a relative or a friend, regardless of whether they live with you or not, to join the game, too. Politely request them to do so, and if their call is picked up, have an arrangement where you can split and share the prize. You’re lucky if they’re helping you without something in return.

7. Learn how to accept defeat.


Take a break if you have exhausted all tricks to win radio contests and always fail. Know how to accept defeat, even if your persistence is solid.

Most importantly, don’t sacrifice your sleeping hours by watching every show to be caller 25 on the radio. After all, your health is your wealth.

Helpful Tips


Are radio call-in contests legitimate?

If you religiously follow win tickets on the radio tips yet never find success, you’re maybe asking, “are radio contests rigged?” No, they are not manipulated, especially if you’re listening to a credible station.

They have sponsors, and stations act as a link between them and the listeners. Furthermore, shows usually give out tickets, freebies, and minor prizes, and it’s rare to have grand jackpots like cars or all-expense-paid trips.

Can I participate in radio contests from different locations?

You can go on calling radio stations from different locations, unless the station explicitly mentions otherwise. However, take note of possible rates if calling long-distance, which is not cheap, so that you don’t overspend your budget.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in radio call-in competitions?

Usually, only those aged 18 and up can participate in radio contests, unless otherwise stated by the station. However, you can ask your family to help you join competitions if they’re eligible.


A busy signal means the competition is tight or the line is not yet open. As mentioned, you must have perfect timing so that you can call radio stations get through, and win the prize.

Persistence goes a long way, and though you can learn how to win a radio call in contest, the success rate may be low if you rarely take part in giveaways.

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